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- Winnie the Pooh

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Past Week or So...

We have all of us had the damn flu that has swept the nation. Yay. Whoopee. I'd forgotten how un-fun it is to have a 4 year old puke all over me. *giggling* And a two year running from every orifice. *ewwww* *laughing loudly* The kiddo's were the easy ones to deal with. Give 'em Tylenol for fever n' aches, popcicles for the throat, and soup to fill little bellies. In a couple of days they were running around like normal. The husband, well he was another matter. He does not do sick well. Let's just say I was very glad when he felt well enough to go to work! *laughing* 'Grumpy' was an understatement. As for the rest of us, we sneezed and snotted our way through the week as well, but had no time to rest. Meg and I took shifts with the babies, and I had to watch Matthew very closely, as it triggered his asthma, and he gets very wiggy when we have to increase his meds. At any rate, all's well that ends well. I just have to catch up on the mountain of laundry the epidemic left in it's wake. *giggling*

Laura received two scholarships for the upcoming year. Her senior year is entirely paid for, including books! How awesome is that?! She also got a job as an intern for next year at MIT. As such, she will not have to pay any tuition while she remains one. Woot! She and her best friend are apartment hunting this week. Steven and I have gone through all our stuff, and I had the couch and love seat steam cleaned. It is as good a reason as any for new living-room furniture! *laughing* (We did the same for Meg when she moved out, too).

The weather has been very strange this past week. We had a wicked wind and rain storm that lasted 2 days. 60-80 mile an hour gusts knocked down trees and electrical lines everywhere! Our little garden survived- a little worse for wear, but nothing blown away. The potatoes are just coming up, and the tomatoes are noticeably taller. No corn or beans yet though. I think it is too cold. It has been down in the high 60's- down 20 degrees from 2 weeks ago. I am wearing a sweatshirt! *giggling* But it is all good. I like the cooler weather, and the variety of plants we used are specifically for cooler climates.

Tomorrow Steven and I are going to pick up a queen size water bed from someone on Freecycle. I LOVE free! *grinning* We needed a new mattress anyway, and this is exactly what I wanted! We are also picking up 2 currant bushes and a pineapple guava tree for nothing except our own labor. Can you say "Yay'?! *big grin*

Tonight is ice-cream-sunday-for-dinner night. I do love my ice-cream! Chocolate and strawberry sundays, here we come!!

I hope all is well with all of you- Sending happy thoughts and much love to you all-

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some good information

There is a video virus out there that is spreading rapidly. It works by taking you to a fake You Tube site, then asking you to update your Flash Viewer. More info at http //blogulate.com/content/beware-of-the-facebook-video-virus/.

Beware of the Facebook Video Virus
Posted by thinkdj on August 10th, 2008
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Firefox additional Language Packs
Google, Yahoo reveals ad-pact terms to public

facebook_video_vir.jpgAug 9, 2008 : Facebook Inc has blocked a virus that infected thousands of users’ accounts by presenting itself as a video message. The messages advertised links to videos on Google Video or YouTube sites and those who clicked on the links actually downloaded malicious software.

Users who unknowingly downloaded the virus via the video link were presented with an image of a court jester sticking his tongue out and rolling his eyes.

Although the virus affected less than 0.002 percent of Facebook population, based on its more than 120 million subscribers, that would amount to more than 2,000 people. Facebook disabled access to the links as soon as the information was obtained.

Discussion at Facebook

you’ll receive an e-mail from a friend that claims you’ve been caught on a hidden camera. The message sure looks legitimate, but take note - it isn’t!

It includes a link that leads to a site that looks like YouTube. But if you look carefully, you’ll realize it’s actually a fake YouTube site.

When you click the video to begin, a message pops up and says you first need to download a newer Flash player to play the video.. When the user downloads the so called ‘flash update’.. it is the trojan

More details about the trojan @ SYNC