A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference.

- Winnie the Pooh

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Search

I have looked for truth in many places
sometimes darkness
other times light

I have found her in bed
on my back in my face
on my knees

begging her to stay
and teach me
how to do it

stay sane stay safe
be wanted
be whole

I found her the day before yesterday
in a spider's web
on a door frame

long disused
dusty with neglect
so elegant in the sunlight

with beads of mist
like small pearls
of gathered wisdom

hanging there
for me to gather and
drink down her heart.



quiet sister of sun

she hangs low in the night sky

mover of tides maker of madness

I feel her deep in my bones

tendrils of dark light

in my belly on my heart

influence waxing waning

gentle manipulator

mother of tides and lunacy


the blood of life... (a morning ritual)

staggering blindly
I make my way into the light...
oh wait! It's the kitchen I think...
Ahhh... Nirvana! Bliss!(Who the heck needs Heaven?!)...
Coffee steaming in my chickadee mug-
all is right in my world...

eyes opening a little more now
(inhale the aroma of those precious beans)
I am greeted by gray skies and a windy chorus
sweeter than any song
right on my own back porch...

I sing the world awake with
love songs and tuneless hummings...(yawn!)
my soul flying free and light,
not yet burdened with the days happenings
I enjoy this moment, this present,
right now.

good morning me. good morning world.
good morning...coffee...
ahhh...the blood of life.
and it is good.

fever dreams

the night beckons me
crooking her finger
smiling enigmatically
I follow
through icy river
and steamy jungle
always with the barest
glimpse of mystery
in front of me
shivering with cold
burning with heat
I am aching...

A Flock of Brown Pelicans

ballet dancer in flight,
ungainly beak held at attention
he flies with strong intention,
into the wind.

the air beside him, full of
all colors and shapes
magical strings with children attached,
kites gamboling gaily

a crash of waves
and a barking dog disturb the baby
on the blanket next to mine
"Hush Now Sweetling" she croons

as wind and waves
sing a lullaby,
mama's breast fills her vision
rocking her to sleep
with heart-rhythms and tide.

a sea gull sings a lonely song
far above the restless sea
echoing in my head, my heart
a measure of nature's melody.

Like Yarn Before Kittens

Tumbling freely

thoughts spring out

in word form

alive and growing bigger,

faster, stronger

than ever before.

I catch them in phrases

in prose and poetry

trying to harness

their power

for my own


and in doing so

choose to share this gift

this curse

that fills up my mind

as water fills a glass

drinking it in

and nourishing myself.

Dreaming of Sky

reaching upwards I touch a star
burning and cold it splinters
leaving bits and pieces of shiny
colored glass over my face
across the universe
in my eyes...

waving my hands I send them out
sparkling and flying high then low
rainbows dropping here and there
sent from elsewhere and tomorrow
leave salty trails of tears
and bubbles of laughter

clear cold tracks from
heart to mind and back again
confusion in the swirling emotions
I catch and release these
moments, the colors of life
that lay in my hands

like a fist full of sky
or an ear full of music
too rich and complex for a
mere mortal like me
to comprehend or capture
with words.

What is Truth?

It is a biological fact that one person perceives things differently through their senses than someone else. We all view the world through a filter of our own experiences, beliefs, thoughts, and actions. 'Truth' wears as many faces as there are people searching for it. Doesn't it make sense then, to be tolerant? To accept that while you may not agree with where someone is finding their 'Truth', it is as valid and meaningful to them as yours is to you? *shaking my head*

I will never understand the calculated cruelty of belittling someone because you feel 'your way' is superior. There is room for all, if we make an effort for there to be.

what is truth?
who is right?
where are the answers then
if my heart is wrong?

the sun is still the sun,
even when he is reflected
in a puddle of water.

I will continue to love you
even though you have
forgotten how to love

Languid observations

Evening dreamings....
the setting sun is floating on a sea of red clouds
how beautiful the view out my bedroom window

sitting with chin on hand, i watch the world wind down around me
lights signal the change of venue as children
drag themselves to bed and dreams

birds fly into roost as the day turns to dusk
their sleepy chirpings remind me of wind chimes as they settle in for the night
I wonder if they dream of worms and wind?

the street lights come on, not one by one, but all together
like a lighted chorus
bringing harmony to the dark curbs and corners of our street

mystery abounds in the dark sway of the trees
as twilight robs them of color and form on the nearby hill
the rattle of bushes leave prickly goosebumps on arm and neck

darkness settles in for the evening
as silhouettes of clouds race behind the moon
how interesting the view out my bedroom window!

A Simple Thought

we whisper secrets
in the dark
you and I,
threads and stories,
a tapestry, our lives
woven of words
and thoughts and time,
bound with Love,
laughter, tears, hope
and fear
of really living~
the glue that makes Us